Veterans’ Nursing Home Project Supported by Collier County Leadership

A Board member from our MOASWF Chapter routinely attends the monthly meeting of the Collier County Veterans Council.  At the 20 August meeting, County Commissioner Burt Saunders presented an update on progress toward Collier County’s planned veterans’ nursing home.  The nursing home will be located on the northeast corner of the 165-acre golf course at Golden Gate Parkway and Collier Boulevard.  Commissioner Saunders reported that Collier County approved setting aside $10 million for the construction of additional square footage to provide adult day care and outpatient therapy.  This money would come from the 1-cent sales surtax approved by voters in the 2018 for a variety of projects.  The local money would be contingent upon the Florida State Legislature earmarking $10 million in the 2024 session.  The County earlier pledged $30 million for the project.  Commissioner Saunders said County leaders want this nursing home to be a showcase for veterans’ nursing homes of the future.  The approval for the project from the federal VA should come in 2025 and design work would take one year throughout 2026. Construction should take up to 18 months, putting completion in 2027 or 2028.  Collier County is home to roughly 23,000 veterans.

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